The First farm in Blair/Bedford County PA to raise,
sell, and show NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats.

  EST. May, 15th, 2013
  Draco and Precious
  Rollie Pollie Pygmies Raynell

  R .S. Farms Pygmy Goats

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For Sale:

On this page you will find anything we have for sale on the farm currently. We will post goats on here, crafts that I have done on here, we will take orders for crafts on here if we find that they are a big success. We may have equipment on here for sale. We have placed a contact form at the bottom of the page so that people can contact us easier about ordering special crafts, being placed on our waiting list for goat kids or inquiring about breeding aged goats. Please when asking about any goats for sale use their names in the inquire about the kids or goat you are interested in this is why we have names for all the kids prior to them leaving here. Just telling us you are interested in the goat above does not tell us what goat you are looking at because when someone uses the submission forms it does not tell us what page you are on when you sent your inquire so please use the kids names in your emails to make things easier on us.

Just a reminder we DO NOT sell ANY unregistered intact male goats as breeding goats EVER they are all sold as pet wethers. We do not sell NPGA Registered Goats as Bucks if they are wether quality only. We only Sell NPGA Buck Quality Bucks here at R.S. Farms.  Another reminder is we will NOT sell you breeding pairs of goats if you do not have a place to keep them separated from each other so do not contact us if you are planning on keeping them together. Pygmy Goats have been known to get their own sisters pregnant at 12 weeks of age when not separated from each other. So keep this in mind when contacting us. People purchasing goats with the intention of breeding them the goats will be delivered to your house at no extra charge to ensure that you are meeting our requirements for the goats themselves. Remember We have the right to refuse any sale to anyone at any time if this happens we do refund you the money you paid us for the goat.

Current Kids We Have For Sale:

Pictured above are our Fainting Goats Daphne kids from 2014 and is a reference only they are not available.
Nothing available as of right now...and our wait list is getting rather full so if you would like a chance at getting some nice goats please let us know.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list for goats please contact us. Because of our high standard in breeding quality goats and offering them at prices that everyone else in our area offers them for, Our goat kids tend to sell really fast once we post them online for sale. So if you have something in mind that you are specifically looking for color , gender, registered/ unregistered, horned/dehorned please let us know so you can have first choice of goat kids next year. They do seem to go fast once they are here.

 Thank you ,

 Rachael Sheeder

Adult Goats for Sale:

None available at this time.

Goat Specials:

This section you will find things that we are not selling, but  other pygmy places are selling.

Check out these t-shirts that are being sold through the Cascade Pygmy Goat Club. If you would like to order a t-shirt check out the Cascade pygmy goat clubs website. These t-shirts are to help promote the scholarship fund through the NPGA.

Projects We Will Take Special Orders For:

Here are two different projects we will think about taking orders for. They are crafts that I work on just for fun on my spare time, but if someone orders one I will work my hardest to get it done to you as soon as possible. I work on my own in my spare time.
This is a plaque with the goats name on it and an image that represents their name. With Draco I have chosen to do a dragon. This is on a wooden oval plaque they also come in another shape as soon as I am done with Divinity's I will place it on here so that you can see the other shape it comes in. On the back I write in black sharpie (because it looks the best) The D.O.B of the goat, the color of the goat along with the sex and if it is registered or not the Scrapie or Tattoo # and the Micrcochip number along with the breeder and the owner. I can attempt to draw any image some things I am not so good at drawing though. I can color the back ground in any color except for black because that is what the letters look the best in (trust me I've tried other colors for the lettering and it just doesn't look right). If you would be interested in purchasing something like this please get in touch with me. I am asking $15 for them plus the shipping and handling if I have to mail it to you.
Here is the other Item I can make this one is $10 plus shipping and handling if I have to ship it to you. This is old horseshoes that I have sand blasted then painted usually with a water based paint. I can do any color with painting these, but please keep in mind that since I use water based paint if you chose a lighter color like this white color the rust will come through. The letters come in light blue, red, yellow, and lime green. I can also through in the occasional Pink Sparkly, Yellow Sparkly, or Blue Sparkly.  If you let me know what you want to have put on the shoe I will do my best to try and find a shoe that will fit it. I can also add some hearts or different designs (if you find something you like let me know I get all my supplies at either Walmart or the Craft Stores around here). For these I use foamy letters and foamy shapes I can use the occasional shapes that need glued on, but sometimes they do not stay the greatest. If you find a foamy design you like and would like to have that placed on the shoe just email a picture of that to me and I will do my best to find that foamy accent or shape you would like. These are only available while supplies last because I only have a few horse shoes.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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