The First farm in Blair/Bedford County PA to raise,
sell, and show NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats.

  EST. May, 15th, 2013
  Draco and Precious
  Rollie Pollie Pygmies Raynell

  R .S. Farms Pygmy Goats

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Other Goat Breeders Close to our Farm:

On this page I will be compiling a list of unregistered goat breeders and NPGA registered goat breeders in our area that I have either bought goats off of or have spoken to about adding links to their website onto our site.
Another great breeder of registered pygmy goats is Sarah Read her farm is called Old Orchard. She is located in Washington, PA. The picture to the left here is of one of Sarah's 4 year old buck 2x GRCH Echo Springs Ellis  If you would like to contact Sarah about purchasing a goat off of her either go to the NPGA breeders list or like her goat farms Facebook page here is the link:
An excellent breeder who is not to far away from where I am located at in PA is Janice Reynolds she is located in Woodsfield Ohio and breeds excellent show quality goats. Janice is very honest and helpful like all of the other breeders I have run into. If you would like to contact Janice please get ahold of us with your information and we will gladly pass your name along to her. Pictured off to the side is a buck she sold us Old Orchard Sebastian.
The next farm that raises registered pygmy goats is the Fur Immer Farm run by Duane & Kelly Luzier it is located in Hustontown PA. They currently have several NPGA does and they have 2 NPGA registered breeding bucks They also raise Kinder goats, Nubian goats, Basset Hounds, Large Black Hogs along with Black Java and Cuckoo Marans Chickens check out their website at:.
Another excellent breeder of Pygmy goats that are not registered is Lisa Hollingshead of Windber PA. We purchased 2 of our breeding goats off of her. She is a wonderful person to buy goats off of if a person just wants them for pets or even for breeding. You can add her facebook group to your favorite pages it is pygmy goats and critters for sale in PA if you would like her information send us an email and we will be more than welcome to give it to you. If you contact us about unregistered goats and we do not have any available we will give you either Lisa's number to get in touch with her or Beth Kelly's information (See Contact box below). Lisa is located about 50 miles from our farm.

If you are looking for goats for pets and don't really care if they are registered another good breeder of unregistered pygmy goats and crosses is Beth Kelly she is located in Woodburry PA so if you would like to get in touch with her please contact me and I will get you her information. She told me she currently has a herd of 25 goats a few of which are bucks and some wethers and the rest are does. If you call us for goats and we do not have any we will send you both to Beth and Lisa. Beth is located a few miles from us. She also raises rabbits as well. You can find her farm on Facebook at:

Another Registered Pygmy Goat breeder that really isn't in the State of PA or OH is Kim Shunney she runs Hope Hills Farms and her farm is located in Hedgesville, WV 25427. We purchased 2 breeding age goats off of Kim and she was very lovely to speak with and deal with here is a link to her website:

Pictured to the side is a little wether she bred in 2014 to the buck we purchased off of her.

Another Great Breeder of Registered Goats, that isn't that close, but definatly needs mentioning is Dan Dawson and Maggie Leman. They run the Maggidan's Mini's Farm in Durham, NC 27703. Maggie is such a nice person and if you have questions on raising goats or goats in general she has answered several questions for me when I have any. Actually to be honest with you I have found that all of the NPGA breeders are very friendly and willing to answer questions you may have.  Here is Maggie's link to her website:

Pictured to the side there is our very own Maggidan's Minis Girl Maggidans Minis Divinity.

If you are looking for Registered Pygmy Goats though you can go to the NPGA website under the NPGA contacts page tab and go to breeders page. You can search for breeders by state or by region. It is a really good way to learn about some of the different breeders in your area or if there are none in your state you can search the surrounding states to find some good breeders.  Here is a link to that page if you are having trouble finding it: